The Business of Modeling

Authored by Joe Edelman

Modeling Agencies

A modeling agency is a company that represents models and works to find them jobs. Models don’t work for modeling agencies – modeling agencies work for the models. These agencies earn their income via commission, usually by charging the advertising client a 20% booking fee and also by taking a 20% commission from the models fee. Example: If the models fee is $100.00. The modeling agency would charge the client $120.00 and then pass along $80.00 to the model.

If you are serious about success as a model, you will start out by submitting to every agency in the market where you live. For a new model, you want to sign with as many modeling agencies as possible as there is no single modeling agency that has all of the jobs. So if choose to only sign with one agency, you are making a choice to ignore work opportunities.

No model should sign an exclusive contract until you have reached the stage in your career where the agency is prepared to provide a guaranteed amount of earnings.

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