Are there any good internet modeling agencies?

But stay tuned.

Many land based agencies are beginning to make their talent base available via the web. This trend will certainly change the way the industry works – but will NEVER completely replace land based agencies with real offices and real people.

PLEASE understand that traditional modeling agencies do NOT scour the web looking for new talent. The internet modeling agencies that you will find, do not have actual offices with actual people that you can walk in and sit down and have a face-to-face conversation with.

The odds of you receiving offers for commercial modeling work as a result of posting your images on modeling web sites are slim to none.

What you will find through these sites, are photographers, mostly of amateur skill levels who are looking to work with up and coming models – usually in glamour or nude settings. While you will gain some experience – remember that you only get what you pay for – most of the images you will get from trades with part-time and non-professional photographers are NOT going to be pictures that will get you work.


Please use some common sense. The internet is a great tool – however – it does allow people to masquerade as something that they are not. Anyone that is promising you that they are going to boost your career, make you famous, introduce you to all the right people, etc. – is NOT someone that you want to be dealing with. This business doesn’t work that way.


Ask any photographer that contacts you via the web to provide you at least three recent references from models that he/she has worked with. You should ask for their names. e-mail addresses and sample photographs that the photographer took of that model. Take the time to contact those models and find out what their experience was like with the photographer. If a photographer is reluctant or unable to provide you references – THERE IS A REASON! At a minimum – make an appointment to meet the photographer in advance of the shoot – take a friend or relative – then if you are comfortable – schedule a shoot.

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