How to contact a modeling agency

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  There is a right way and a wrong way to contact modeling agencies if you want to stand out.

Do yourself a favor… Don’t start calling modeling agencies for appointments until you have a portfolio and comp card. Any agency will tell you that they need your comp card to be able to market you for work.

While you may be able to get an appointment here or there – you will definitely have to go back once you get your cards, and you run the risk of that agency not being overly impressed with your appearance and you have no images to show how well you photograph and how much you understand the market.

Below is a basic letter that you can use to enclose with a copy of your comp card when making your first contact with modeling agencies.

Be sure to edit the letter to make it appropriate for your location, portfolio contents, and specific agency requirements.

Be sure to follow-up with a phone call to the agency no more than a week-and-a-half after you mail the card.


Download a sample submission letter (Microsoft Word Document format)

Download a sample modeling resume (Microsoft Word Document format)


Be sure to change the appropriate references.

Sample Letter for submitting to an Agency

Dear Agent or Agency Name1,

I am forwarding to you my recently completed comp card and resume2.

I have a portfolio that covers a wide range of areas and looks that I believe the Philadelphia3 market is most interested in. It includes lifestyles, fashion, and commercial4 photography. I continue to update my book based on the feedback that I receive. The process has been very rewarding, and has taught me a lot about working with photographers, makeup artists, and how to present myself in front of a camera.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and show you my portfolio. I can be reached at (Phone Number)5 or by email at (Email Address)6.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to meeting with you.


(Your Name)7

Words in RED should be removed or altered to suit your situation and market.1 Do your research – try to find the name of one of the agencies booking agents and address the letter to that person directly. The Modeling Agency Directory on my site has the names of booking agents at most of the reputable agencies in the United States.2Resume’s used in the entertainment and modeling fields are a three column format resume. Do not submit a traditional business resume and do not include real world work experience. Only include information that is applicable to modeling. If you don’t have experience – DELETE this reference – do not pad a resume or fake one.3 This should be the town, city or market that the agency represents.4 If you are not tall enough to be a fashion model – don’t include the reference to fashion. Additionally if you are not tall enough to be a fashion model – make sure your portfolio doesn’t have fashion images.

5 This should be a cell phone number that you have access to at ALL times. When an agency calls, NEVER make them wait for a response – they have plenty of other people that they can call.

6 This email address should be and you MUST check it often. Be sure to read: Branding – It’s not just for cattle

7 Don’t be cute – no nicknames and no stage names. Your first and last name.



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