Being handed a cold reading can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of meeting with a booking agent. Since modeling is acting, it can make or break your meeting.

10 Tips to Nail your Cold Reading

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Here are some tips to make sure you sound, look and act like a pro during your next cold read

  • Remember – once you are handed the script – you are in control. Take a few moments to read it over. Try to get a feel for the character and the scene. Determine the emotions that your character should display.
  • Do your best to remember as much of the script as possible. They will not hand you a novel – these scripts are usually very short. Most importantly – do not bury your face in the paper the entire time you are doing the cold read. Try to make eye contact as much as possible with the person or persons for whom you are reading. If you keep your eyes down the entire time, you do not give the modeling agent(s) a chance to see your face or expressions.
  • Before you start your read, take a few deep breaths to compose yourself. Stand to deliver your lines (unless the character should be sitting). Standing is important as a timid or nervous person will overlook this and by default send the wrong message to the modeling agent(s). Modeling agencies do not want inhibited models.
  • Personality! Do not read in a monotone voice. Use natural speaking inflection to make sure that your read does not sound like you are simply reading it off of a piece of paper.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate your words clearly. Do NOT use local slang. Research has shown that when reading off a page, people will tend to read at least 20% faster than they would naturally speak the lines. Be sure to pause for effect as this will also allow you to make eye contact.
  • If the modeling agent(s) asks you to re-read the script or a part of it and asks you to do it differently or gives you a suggestion, don’t be offended. This is usually a good sign. It means that they have seen something in you that they liked. Be sure to honor their request and give them what they asked for. It shows that you are coachable and take direction well.
  • Remember – the modeling agent(s) do not expect perfection. They are looking for personality and presence.



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