It is NOT something you do in the snow and even though you are trying to become a model – not an actor – you will at some point be asked to do a cold reading.

What is an Cold Reading

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The cold read is considered by most actors to be the hardest part of any audition. Even for a model, being able to master a cold reading is extremely important, and in today’s marketplace this skill can make the difference between an agency passing on you as just another pretty face or signing you as their next potential star.

Modeling agencies frequently book talent for television commercials, infomercials and industrial videos. Because of this, at your first meeting, many agencies will often test your acting ability by handing you a script for a 30 to 60 second commercial and asking you to read it on the spot. Hence the name “cold read”.

Generally when you are hired to do a commercial or anything involving acting you will have time to memorize the lines in advance. However, as with any business it is possible that a situation will occur where you receive the lines at the last possible minute before shooting. Either way – you must be prepared.

Important Note

I can’t begin to tell you how often I hear new models tell me that they don’t want to act, and then they ask if it is ok to tell an agency that they are not interested in acting because they just want to model.

If you feel this way – Do NOT waste your time and attempt to become a model.

Modeling IS acting. Inhibited people do NOT succeed as models




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