Generally, an open call (often referred to as a “go-see”) refers to a posted time, lasting anywhere between two and four hours, during which you may go to meet with an agency or client.

What is an open call?

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For a modeling agency, an open call is a specific time that the agency sets aside (generally once a week) to see new talent, who are permitted to just walk in without an appointment or prior comp card submission. This is most common for the fashion agencies in larger markets like New York and Los Angeles.

Most commercial modeling agencies do not have open calls and require an appointment to meet with them.

An open call for a client is slightly different. This is similar to an audition for an actor. In this case the client has contacted an agency(s), specified their needs, and requested that the agency(s) send models that meet the criteria. The agency has determined that the model would be a good fit for the project and contacted her to schedule her attendance at the open call.

Generally, upon arrival you are asked to sign in and have a seat. After a short wait you will be seen by the client or representatives of the client. They will take a brief look at your portfolio or comp card and sometimes take a few snapshots of you for their records. They may also ask you to do a cold read – so be prepared.



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