Using makeup artists for photo shoots is extremely important if you want WOW photos.

Don’t be foolish enough to think that you are going to be able to do a great job of your own hair and makeup AND then get in front of the camera and model. When a model is in front of the camera, they have absolutely no idea how how they look.

A good makeup artist will make you look your best and also works with the photographer as a second set of eyes to insure that things always look great while the photos are being taken.

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You can quote me when I tell you that ANY photographer who is willing to shoot your portfolio with you doing your own hair and makeup is a hack! This is a person who has no sense of quality and simply does not care about the outcome of your photographs and ultimately your success.

Be sure to read the articles linked here for more information about selecting and working with a makeup artist, as well as a comprehensive directory of makeup artists from across the United States.

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