YES – Hire a makeup artist! Every model should learn how to apply makeup. HOWEVER – when you are building your modeling portfolio – HIRE A Makeup Artist!

Your modeling portfolio and comp card pictures are your primary and most important marketing tool. Not only is it important to hire a great photographer, but it is equally as important to hire a great makeup artist.

Hire a makeup artist

No model can do their own hair and makeup as well as a professional can and it is crucial that you look amazing in your pictures. Additionally, makeup for the camera is very different than makeup for everyday wear and a good makeup artist accounts for this difference.

A good makeup artist not only brings excellent skills and artistry to a shoot – but also is very involved in the creative process and contributes equally with the photographer and model.

Believe me – I love it when people tell me how wonderful my photographs are, but I assure you that every photo that you see on this web site took at least three people to create. I only receive one-third of the credit. The makeup artist and the subject are equally important to creating the wow pictures.



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