If you live in a large metropolitan area and have great legs and feet, consider a career in foot modeling! Foot modeling is a subset of parts modeling and top foot models can easily make anywhere from $500 to thousands a day for a few hours of shooting.

However, agencies and clients are unlikely to fly you out to a major city to model in a niche area. Because many major footwear brands shoot in New York or LA, if you don’t live to one of these areas, it’s difficult to find work as a foot model. These jobs are highly competitive, so if you live far away or lack incredible feet/legs, consider a different career path. Parts Models in New York City is one of the top feet modeling agencies in NYC; it’s a good resource for those interested in getting their feet wet (pun intended).


Foot models, like other models, are still that- models; they are supposed to represent the epitome of the human anatomy. Many people contact us, asking if they could model body parts when the rest of their body is not up to modeling par. The truth is, modeling agencies will rarely take ‘exceptions’. Your best chance of becoming a foot model is to already have exceptional model-like qualities! Before you go off and apply for every foot modeling job, there are some things you should consider.

Tips for being a foot model

1. Have long, slender feet and thin toes, with high-arched feet.

Generally, the industry prefers models with these features because the photographs can capture the graceful curves of the leg and foot. The most important thing is to have good proportions.

2. Have flawless skin.

No varicose veins, bruises, scars or flaky skin.

3. Have toned muscle and flexibility.

It’s important for a model’s feet to be strong yet flexible. Agencies will not cast your flabby, untoned legs.

4. Have a portfolio of images

If you live in an area with demand for foot models, and you are interested in the job, be sure to keep a portfolio of your legs and feet. Make sure it includes commercial-style images that you might see in catalogues and advertisements- after all, this is what you’lll be shooting for anyway. Be sure the images are as clear as possible and are not put through excessive filters and photoshop.

5. Be located in a city with many companies that shoot footwear.

If you aren’t already in such a location, it’s inadvisable to move to a large city just in the hopes of being a parts model. Cities such as New York, LA, Miami and Atlanta are great areas.


Keeping your feet in shape

6. Exercise, but not too hard.

Not only do foot models need to have beautiful feet and legs, they also need to have strong, flexible feet. Certain exercises can strengthen your feet. Try doing standing calf raises. Don’t push yourself too hard; remember- you need to feet to be free of bruises and scars.

7. Wear loose, protective shoes that are comfortable.

Many foot models wear a size larger than usual in order to promote circulation and prevent their feet from being damaged.

8. Trim your nails

An important point that many might overlook. If you have ugly hang nails, even with gorgeous feet, no one will cast you.

9. Exfoliate and Moisturize

This should be obvious. If you want to be a foot model, you must regularly take care of your feet. Use a scrub or pumice stone to exfoliate. Use a skin moisturizer to keep your skin supple and moist.

10. Practice using your feet to articulate emotion.

Your feet also need to be good ‘actors’- when you’re at a shoot, you may be asked to use your feet to show excitement (i.e., being tickled). Practice using your feet to evoke emotion and curling your toes. Practice striking poses in the mirror and changing positions.