Modeling Classes? Absolutely not!

Do I need to take modeling classes to be a model?

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Certainly if you are tall enough and intend to be doing runway work – it is helpful to take a workshop to learn how to work the catwalk – but you don’t need to attend a so-called “modeling school.” Most modeling school programs are a waste of time and money. Stand in front of their offices and watch the 5’2” girls arrive for class where they will be teaching them how to walk a runway.

Just in case you are thinking, “I don’t want to act, I just want to be a model”… You need to understand that MODELING IS ACTING. If you don’t want to act… You won’t be a model

Models are actresses. When you see a model in an ad a catalog, a billboard, etc. – you don’t see her name. She is portraying a character. Don’t think that since you are pretty you can get in front of the camera and you are magically a model. Acting lessons or workshops can be very helpful in teaching you how to express emotions and portray characters in front of the camera. In many cities the top casting agencies run excellent acting workshops. Also be sure to check colleges with theatre programs. They often run summer workshops that are particularly great for children.



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