Days, Weeks, Months?

There are no guarantees for how long it will take you before you are making money as a model. A good rule of thumb to follow is to understand that from the time you first visit the modeling agencies with your completed comp cards and portfolio – you are probably looking at a minimum of 6 months before you see any money from your work.

Promotional modeling jobs are often easier to get and do not require a full portfolio or experience.

Either way – getting signed by a modeling agency is only half the battle. Once you are signed – it can often take awhile for an agency to start aggressively promoting you.

You need to stay in touch with them – call them at least once every two weeks – just to check in and remind them that you are anxious for work. If you don’t – I guarantee that they will forget about you. Remember – after you meet with them and “get signed” another girl walks in their door 5 minutes later, and then another, and another… you get my point? They will forget about you if you let them.

In other words… making money as a model is not as easy as you thought.

How long will it take before I make money

Did you know?

Most new models learn quickly that an agency will generally take 20% of your earnings as their fee for getting you the job. What many models don’t figure out for a long time is that agencies also generally charge the client a “booking fee” for finding them the right model.

Example: If the job pays $1,000. As the model your earnings will be $800.00 if the agency takes a 20% fee. The client however will actually pay $1,200 for the booking.

This is not a scam – it is standard practice within the industry.

Did you also know?

Models generally receive payment for their work anywhere from 60 – 90 days after doing the job.

The standard practice is that an agency will bill the client right after you do the work. In the business world payment is usually handled as “30 days net” which simply means that the client has thirty days to pay the bill before it is considered late. Once the agency receives payment some will cut you a check right away and mail it to you. Many will hold the money in their back for thirty days and then pay you. That is not a scam. While it is not really fair… it is a common practice.

Additionally your contract with an agency will tell you that if the agency does not get paid by the client – they do not owe you payment for the work. You only get paid if the agency gets paid.

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