NO you will Absolutely NOT find legitimate and safe modeling jobs on Craiglist!

The internet is not and never will be substitute for finding work via traditional modeling agencies.

Companies spend a tremendous amount of money to produce their advertising. Booking the models through a licensed and bonded modeling / talent agency provides accountability in the event that anything was to go wrong on the model’s end. (She doesn’t show up, she is just a complete flake, etc.)

On the flip side a modeling agency helps to ensure the models safety.

The anonymity of the internet makes it dangerous to reply to online postings for models. You often have no idea who you are dealing with and what situation they intend to put you in. You have a good number of perverts trying to get a girl naked in front of them and not a lot of actual work.

Don’t take my word for it… Look at some of the articles that come up in a quick Google Search regarding Craigslist and Models.

Most of these online ads are missing crucial information. Generally they promise fame or fortune but do not give you information about the companies name, address or phone number or even a contact name. This is not how YOU want to do business.

Even if there are details included such as a website, a contact name, and an actual email address, you have to wonder why they are advertising online (for free or very cheap) to get their talent. They are taking a big risk by not guaranteeing the talent through an agency. In other words – they have little to no budget and are looking to get their talent cheap. Often time promising “great amounts of exposure” (I have one word for that… BALONEY!) If they have no budget to pay you – then you have to question how good the final product will be and if you will even be paid at all.

Sure… if they are trying to bypass agencies to save a buck, how do you know they really have the money to pay you? Are you trying to get into the business of modeling or are you trying to get into the business of negotiation and collections?

You decide.

Can I find modeling jobs on Craigslist?

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