That’s right – it is a poor business practice for a model to plan on being on time for an appointment, go-see, audition or shoot.

In this business you should always arrive 15 minutes early!

It is NEVER about YOU! It doesn’t matter if you are meeting an agency, a photographer, a client or arriving for a job – the people that you are dealing with are business people – this is how they earn a living and their time is important.

Understand that if you are scheduled for a photo shoot or a television commercial shoot – the client has a lot of money on the line with camera people, makeup artists, grips, assistants, etc. Those people will be on time and will get paid while you are late. Your client will not be very happy about that and you can bet it will be the last time you are booked to work for them. You can also bet that they will inform your agency of your tardiness.

Every one of these people can have a tremendous positive or negative effect on your career – which would you prefer it to be?

Never arrive on time

My advice is to give yourself plenty of extra time – be sure to account for traffic, construction and rush hour. Arrive 30 to 15 minutes in advance and walk through the door no less than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled arrival time.

Invest in a GPS Unit or a driving app for your phone. If you are unsure about where you are going – drive the trip a day or two in advance so that you don’t risk getting lost or stressed out on the day of a shoot or agency appointment.

Last but not least… don’t wait until 5 minutes before you leave the house to check the directions. I can name at least one photographer who gets very upset at models who do that. 🙂



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