What is a Modeling Voucher?

All models under agency representation are required to utilize special documents known as modeling vouchers. This is a unique document that makes sure you receive timely payment. A modeling voucher is, fundamentally, a receipt that is marked by the model and the client after the model finishes a job. Modeling vouchers give you a breakdown of the job you’re doing, unlike a model release form. Whether you’re doing a photoshoot, acting gig, or something else, you’ll be required to fill out a modeling voucher. After being signed, your agent should give you a handful of blank vouchers to use.

You must bring a modeling voucher to every job you are booked for. If the voucher is missing any information, neither you nor your agency can get paid, so make sure that you are familiar with all the information that must be filled out and double-check it before you leave. If your client has forgotten something, make sure they fix it because you may not have another chance to get in contact with the client again.

Vouchers are filled out as soon as the job is over, and it’s very important to check and double-check that everything is filled out properly and in its entirety before signing the voucher. If you hand in a voucher that’s incorrect or incomplete, your agency will have to chase down the client to fix it, which really slows down the billing and payment process.

Modeling vouchers usually contain carbon copies underneath that are different colors. Usually the top one is for the client to keep, the second for the agency and the third for you to add to your records. If you run out of vouchers, contact your agent and let them know you need more.

What’s on a Modeling Voucher and What Information Will I Need to Fill Out?

On a typical modeling voucher, you will see the contact information of your agency on the voucher. There should be room for you to put your name and signature, as well as an area where the client will fill out their company information, address and contact info. The voucher becomes a binding contract when the two of you provide your signatures,

In fact, most modeling vouchers are branded with the model agency’s name and address, so you may not even have to worry about filling in those details. All you really need to do is read everything over and write your name and sign your signature.

You should only fill your voucher out at the end of the shoot, when everything is wrapped up. Usually the person you want signing the voucher is the producer on set. It is always good policy to have everything filled out and ready to go so when they get the paper in hand, there isn’t anything to do but sign.

The good news is that the client is responsible for filling out most of the details, including the company name, address and contact information, as well as the time you started and finished, the duration worked, the job details (such as the type of job and what role you filled), and the rate of pay.

Where Do I Get Modeling Vouchers?

You’ll most likely be issued a big book of modeling vouchers as soon as you sign your agency contract. Your agent will go over all of the details and will tell you how to fill them out and who to give them to.

If you run out of vouchers, your agent should have you come by the office to pick up more, or they may even email you a blank voucher so you can print your own copies. You should use a different voucher for each job. If you have two jobs lined up in one day, then bring two separate vouchers.

If you forget to bring a voucher to your booking, there are a few things that you can do.

  • If there are other models there, ask to borrow one.
  • Call your agent and ask them to email or fax one over.
  • Tell your client you forgot your voucher, then ask the client if you can come back the next day and have them fill it out.

You should always keep your book of vouchers in your modeling bag; that way, you’ll never be without them. As a backup plan, you can also take a photo of a voucher and email it to yourself in case you need to print it off in a hurry.

What Do I Do With a Voucher After My Job?

After your job is complete, you have to do is drop it off with your agent- they’ll let you know where exactly to leave it. It’s best to submit your voucher immediately to your agency after your job is done. It is of upmost importance that you hand over your completed voucher as quickly as you can- preferrably within the same day to avoid any delays. After all, both you and your agent will want to get paid as quickly as possible.

If you are unsure if your agent received your voucher, call your agent to make sure that they got it. Many agencies, especially larger ones, may be too busy and may not realize that they don’t have your voucher until days or weeks later.