A promotional model is a model that interacts directly with consumers – face-to-face. It is a type of modeling that is used to engage consumers’ in-person by giving the consumer direct contact with the product. Promotional modeling is the one category of modeling that generally does not require being in front of the camera or walking a runway and it rarely has a height requirement.

It does require an attractive physical appearance and great people skills. Promotional models are hired to engage the public and are often times called upon to present to large groups of people, so public speaking skills are very helpful.

In the marketing and advertising world promotional models are often referred to as event models or brand ambassadors. This type of marketing falls into a category called Event Marketing where the goal is to put the product in the consumer’s hands and give them a chance to sample it. This is a technique that is used for everything from bubble gum to beauty products, and form video games to automobiles. All advertising is evaluated on a factor called ROI (return on investment). Compared to television, event marketing reaches a small percentage of potential buyers, but it costs MUCH less than television advertising and frequently yields a much higher return on the investment.

You have likely encountered promotional models and may not have realized that they were models at all. At sporting events and fairs and festivals, you will frequently find promotional models staffing booths for mobile phone companies or video game manufacturers. You will see promotional model sat these same kinds of events handing out samples of products. People of ALL ages (over 18) are hired for promotional events like these. It’s not uncommon to walk into Wal-Mart and see senior citizens doing promo gigs on a Saturday morning. These types of promotions can pay anywhere from $15 to $25.00 per hour on average.

Coors Light Promo Models
If you are over the minimum drinking age, you may have encountered promotional models at a bar or nightclub. For example if the venue is running a Coors Light special, at some point during the evening a team of anywhere from 2 to 6 guys and or girls will show up with Coors Light t-shirts on and buy a round of beer for the bar and organize some games and give-a-ways with prizes – all to promote Coors Light. Beer and liquor promos (as this category is referred to) generally pay anywhere from $20 to $40.00 per hour and almost always happen during evening hours from Wednesday through Sunday.

If you have attended a convention or trade show, you will frequently find trade-show models (a type of promotional model) manning booths, either handing out samples or trinkets and often times even giving simple product demonstrations. Depending on the type of trade show, you will at times simple see a sexy girl dress in a skimpy outfit or bikini who’s sole purpose is to attract attention. This type of promotional model has been given the slang name: Booth Babe. Trade show and convention gigs can pay anywhere from $20 per hour to day rates of up to a thousand dollars depending on the show. Medical and Pharmaceutical conventions and trade shows tend to be the highest paying and sometimes require a day of paid training before the event.
Auto Show Spokesmodel
The highest paid promotional models are the Auto Show Spokesmodels. If you have ever been to one of the auto shows that are held each spring, you will see these spokesmodels every ten or fifteen minutes walking around a car and doing a presentation about the features of the car and then answering questions. These gigs generally run four to five months in length, they do require travel, which is paid for by the automobile manufacturers, and also include hotel accommodations, wardrobe and a food allowance. This type of work can pay anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000 for the four to five month gig.

Promotional models, like print models need to be attractive and they need to have outgoing and engaging personalities. Good public speaking skills are essential for this type of work.