There is no age limit to modeling

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Contrary to the popular myth – there is NO AGE LIMIT on modeling and modeling is NOT about youth.

Turn on the TV and watch some commercials – pick up a few magazines – there are models of every age range and body type in use today. Outside of the fashion world, there is very little work for children and teenagers. The overwhelming majority of advertising is geared towards mid twenty somethings and older.

In the last few years I have developed portfolios for people who are beginning to model in their sixties, and they are working successfully.


Height really is only an issue if you intend to be a Fashion model. In New York, most fashion models range from 5’10″ to 6′ – that’s it. The exceptions are the girls with the extremely unique looks like Kate Moss (5’7″), but don’t expect to be an exception if you are any shorter than that. Designers just don’t want to make samples in short bodies that don’t let them show off their fabrics and cuts.

In smaller markets like Chicago and Philadelphia, 5’8″ (occasionally 5’7″) is generally accepted for fashion. But let’s face it… putting the word “fashion” in the same sentence as places like Philadelphia, Des Moines, Louisville, etc. is an oxy moron. There is no fashion in those places.

So if you are shorter than 5’8″ or 5’7″ – don’t waste your time taking lots of pretty fashion pictures for your portfolio – stick with commercial looks otherwise you just look clueless when you present yourself to modeling agencies.


Do I need to be really skinny?

Fashion models still tend to be very skinny. Commercial modeling doesn’t require that you be “skinny” but you MUST be in good shape and well proportioned.

The key is to take care of your self. Don’t over eat. Do eat well balanced meals and avoid the snacks. Do exercise and keep yourself in good shape.

If you are overweight, even by 10 pounds – you are just kidding yourself. Overweight model do not get work. Understand that the phrase plus-size is NOT an excuse for “fat” or overweight”. Plus models are not fat or overweight, they are bigger boned, curvier models who are very well proportioned.



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