A modeling portfolio is the primary marketing tool for all models.

A good modeling portfolio is NOT just a bunch of photos that show how pretty you are, or how you like to dress or wear your hair. A good modeling portfolio is NOT about how creative the photographer is or how amazing your makeup and hairstylist were.

A GREAT modeling portfolio shows RANGE.

– A range of ages. How young can you look and how old can you look convincingly.


What makes a great modeling portfolio?

What does McDonald’s have to do with your modeling portfolio?

Do I really need a portfolio? What kinds of pictures should be in it?

Where can I buy a modeling portfolio?

Is a modeling portfolio required for baby modeling?

– A range of expressions. I can’t tell you how many portfolios I see from both new and experienced models with 12 to 20 photos and just two different expressions… that makes for a BORING and very two-dimensional book. Did you know that the average adult has between 10 and 15 different smiles that they routinely use? Show them in your portfolio!

– A range of characters. Show yourself as the characters and in the situations that the models in your market are routinely hired for. Example: Philadelphia, PA is one of the largest medical advertising markets in the United States. For a model in Philly over the age of 18 it is important to have an image in there portfolio showing them as a nurse or pharmaceutical technician. You would think that a client could imagine you in a specific role – NOT. They want to see proof. That is where a well-planned modeling portfolio comes in handy.

Photo by www.JoeEdelman.com

Photo by www.JoeEdelman.com