Most modeling scams aren’t scams and the people that lose money are at fault for their own stupidity.

YES – you read that correctly. Now before you click away or start writing me a nasty email, please read the rest of this page.

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Do I ever have to pay money up front for a modeling agency to represent me?

There are new modeling scams that show up from time to time and they are true scams, which involve people breaking the law and exploiting naive victims by taking advantage of peoples emotions and wallets.

Unfortunately most of the modeling schools that are frequently labeled as scams are NOT scams in the eyes of the law. In fact some of these companies have been around for 40 or more years, and in many cases have been investigated numerous times and never charged or fined for unfair business practices. This is because they do indeed deliver EVERYTHING they promise.

The scam is a MORAL scam. Modeling scams like this exist by promising lots of things like diet and nutrition advice, skin care, how to walk a runway (even for 5’3” models), photos taken at the modeling agency, etc. What they don’t promise, but allow you to believe is that they are going to get you work after you spend thousands of dollars on their classes. These companies deliver everything they promise, they just let you and encourage you to think you are getting more without ever really promising it.

That is why most people who are scammed are at fault for being suckers. It doesn’t make it right, but a little research and common sense could have prevented it from happening.

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