After numerous efforts in various countries to fight eating disorders in the modeling industry, a California bill has been put into action, passed by the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on Wednesday. The measure would require the state to enforce certain health standards for modeling talent. The goal of the bill is to help protect industry workers as well as provide a healthier image to those who would emulate their behavior.

In 2015, France banned excessive thinness in models after 28 year old Isabelle Caro died from anorexia. Israel had already enacted similar measures in 2013. California’s bill would also protect models from sexual abuse and exploitation by forcing businesses to consider them as full employees. At the committee hearing on Wednesday, former model Sara Ziff proclaimed that at times she felt “more like an escort than a model”, having recounted numerous incidents in which she was abused as a teenage model.

The bill must still be signed by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, who has not decided if he would sign it.