Definitely NOT!

Do not tan before a photo shoot

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Let’s begin with the obvious. . . tan lines are BAD!

If you visit the top agencies in New York and look at the girls. Most are very pale.

You cannot assume that a client will be willing to pay additional money to have your photos retouched because of your sloppy tan lines.

Additionally, when you tan your skin becomes an unnatural color which will make it hard to photograph you in clothing and have the clothing appear the right color.

It should also go without saying that making a decision to tan right before your photo shoot is risking the possibility that you will over tan and then show up for your shoot looking like a ripe tomato.

As with any career, modeling requires certain sacrifices. If you are a beach bunny and you feel the need to tan your skin to 10 shades darker than its natural color and risk the skin cancer that goes with it. . . you need to rethink this career or better yet – consider giving up the tanning.

A little color is fine. If you are going to the beach use LOTS of sunscreen and take different suits with different cuts and change them frequently. If you are going to a tanning salon be sure to use lots of sunscreen (the type that is designed for tanning salons) and tan in the nude in a stand up booth – not a bed.



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