Number 1 rule: Arrive on time for your photo shoot!

Things to remember for your photo shoot

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Make sure you understand the travel directions well in advance and leave the house with plenty of time to spare.

In this business… being on time means be 15 minutes EARLY – without exception!

Remember – you are working as a model. Do NOT bring a friend, relative or boyfriend to a photo shoot. You don’t take them to work with you. If you are not comfortable working with a photographer – you shouldn’t be going.

Drink lots of water. Bring snacks. Please avoid chocolate or anything that can stain your teeth. However feel free to bring chocolate for your photographer and makeup artist.

Wear loose fitting clothing so that there are NO lines on the skin. Do NOT wear socks.

Wear your hair natural and down, unless you have been given other directions by the photographer or your agency in advance.

Wear clear un-scented deodorant to protect your clothing and prevent flaking.

Do NOT wear jewelry


Bring your portfolio and/or any recent photographs that you have had taken. Never leave home without them!

Have Fun!   If you are shooting with me – I plan to. 🙂


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