So you want to be a model?

Are you afraid of hard work?

The business of modeling isn’t just about “looks”.

There is no shortage of pretty people, and don’t kid yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself and you are out of shape, have bad skin, already have too many activities on your schedule… then you are NOT ready to be a model.

Follow the links below for the most comprehensive and detailed information and videos on the business of modeling anywhere.

If you are one of the people lucky enough to win the genetic lottery that is photogenic beauty and personality, success really depends on your ability to run a business. The business is one of marketing yourself to advertisers for the purpose of promoting their products.

This is the REAL business of modeling

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Don’t confuse this for a chance to have FUN unless you consider long and unusual hours, uncomfortable conditions, unusual poses that must be dealt with for long periods of time and not great pay to be fun.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a fashion model walking the runway or a hair model flipping her golden locks or a bikini model showing her curves, all of these models are involved in selling a product.

The model is always the last person hired for the job and the first person sent home. Her jobs is to show up, shut up, do the job, go home, and get paid 60 to 90 days later.

Still interested? You have found the most complete information resource about the business of modeling on the Internet.

As a long time commercial photographer and model mentor, I have had the good fortune to help thousands of models begin their careers in markets all across the United States and Europe. I have personally consulted with hundreds of young men and women who have gone forward with my advice to get signed by modeling agencies and begin work as a model.

The articles and videos that you will find here deal with ALL aspects of modeling, from finding the right photographer, to preparing for your first photo shoot, to selecting the right images for your portfolio, to contacting modeling agencies, to going on your first castings and go-sees and even how to manage your relationship with modeling agencies.

Read the articles carefully. This is NOT what you see on reality TV shows – this is the REAL business of modeling.


Modeling Industry

So you want to be a model?

What are the different types of modeling?

Glossary of Modeling Terms and Phrases from A – Z

Who should be a model?

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Modeling Agencies

Modeling Agency Directory

Select a State to search for a modeling agency.

How do I find a modeling agency?

How to contact modeling agencies

How to make a great first impression with a modeling agency

10 Mistakes NOT to make when you are presenting yourself to a modeling agency

Never pay a modeling agency

I’ve been signed by an agency – Now what?

What is an Open Call?

What is a Cold Reading?

Tips to insure you nail your next Cold Reading

My Booking Agent is an idiot

Are there any good internet based modeling agencies

Modeling Scams

Ways to discover a modeling scam

Do I ever have to pay money up front for a modeling agency to represent me?

Modeling Portfolios

What makes a great modeling portfolio?

What does McDonald’s have to do with your modeling portfolio?

Do I really need a portfolio? What kinds of pictures should be in it?

Where can I buy a modeling portfolio?

Do Infants and Toddlers need modeling portfolios?

Comp Cards

What is a Comp Card?

Comp Card Design: How to beat the competition with 5 shots

Where can I get my comp card printed?

Promotional Modeling

What is a Promotional Model?

PromoModeling Agency Directory

Select a State to search for a modeling agency.

Photo Shoot Prep

How to prepare for a photo shoot

What to wear: Proper clothing selection for your modeling portfolio shoot

Things to remember on the day of a photo shoot

What to bring to a photo shoot

Mirror-Mirror on the wall

Should I tan for my photo shoot?

What is an Acting Headshot?

10 Tips for a great Acting Headshot

Makeup and Hair

Makeup Artist Directory

Select a State to search for a modeling agency.

Do I really need a makeup artist?

Things to consider when hiring a makeup artist

Model Makeup Kit

The Business of Modeling

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